You too can reclaim your courage and your zest for life.

Parts of the face may be missing as a result of an accident or tumour surgery. The physical loss of a nose, eye or ear also often results in psychological problems such as increased feelings of shame or even identity disorders.

Many affected individuals rarely participate in public life because they perceive their face as defective after the operation. An epithesis, i.e., a custom-made, highly aesthetic restoration of the affected area of the face, helps the patient cope with their living environment and everyday life as before.

Epitheses are made from specialised silicones and synthetic materials, and are nowadays virtually indistinguishable from the natural skin of the face. Epitheses provide a very simple way for affected individuals to regain their self-confidence and zest for life.

The pro epi institut only makes epitheses while working closely together with the affected patient and the physicians involved in the treatment. The epithesis is tailored to your face and then produced from certified materials of the highest quality in accordance with all applicable medical regulations.

These lifelike replicas are "one of a kind" and so inconspicuous that they are practically indiscernible from the rest of your face. We attach great importance to an individually tailored course of treatment and ongoing support, including beyond the treatment itself.

We would be happy to provide detailed advice as part of a personal meeting with you at our institute. This will give you a clearer impression of our services and expertise.

In addition to nose, eye, ear and hand epitheses, synthetic bulbous shells are also included in our range of services.

We look forward to welcoming you.

A few examples of our work: