Tracheostomal epitheses

Following a tracheostomy or laryngectomy, patients may require a tracheostomal button or a tracheostomal epithesis. The considerable improvements in medical technology and specialised speech therapist expertise, and the extensive selection of available aids that optimally covers the widest possible range of patient cases, have lead to a sharp decline in the use of customised tracheostomal epitheses (<5% of patients).

Patients nevertheless require an experienced team (surgeon, speech therapist and medical engineer) to address their individual needs and to identify and treat any specific anatomical and functional issues. A functional, customised impression that takes into account head movement and the swallowing process can currently only be made by taking an analogue impression.

Taking a functional impression of the defect helps us achieve a very good seal and, with the aid of speech therapy, promotes breathing and speech development.

As a general rule, a tracheostomal epithesis should be renewed every year.

Tracheostomal epithesis with speech valve