(P)RS (Pierre Robin Sequence)

Pierre Robin sequence or RS is a congenital disorder consisting of a receded chin, retracted tongue and obstruction of the upper airway. RS may also be associated with a cleft palate and may occur in isolation or along with other malformations/syndromes.

The varying severity of the breathing disorder, as well as sucking and swallowing disorders that make feeding difficult, can sometimes be life-threatening. This is why a quick and effective decision needs to be taken following the initial assessment of the clinical symptoms.

The general treatment approach worldwide involves lying on the stomach, insertion of nasal tubes to bridge the tongue retraction and, last but not least, surgical interventions such as suturing the tongue to the lower lip or correcting the lower jaw by what is known as mandibular distraction right up to a tracheotomy.

For the past 13 years, we have been using what are known as PEBP (pre-epiglottic baton plates) with great success, particularly in newborns with isolated RS.

A PEBP is a type of orthodontic plate with an adjustable spur that simultaneously and immediately corrects the mandibular recession and the tongue position, thereby providing the best prerequisites for swallowing and drinking.

A PEBP is therefore a non-surgical and gentle approach to treating RS with immediate efficacy. It is well tolerated by newborns and parents. And the sooner it is used, the better it is for the child's continuing development.

After successful fitting and acceptance of the plate, families receive close nutritional, specialist and general paediatric care. This extends to the entire three to six months during which the PEBP is worn, until the cleft palate is closed over or depending on the development of the lower jaw.

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