Premaxilla vomer plate (PMV-Plate®)

During pregnancy, the foetus may develop malformations affecting the mouth, jaw and face, referred to as cleft lip and palate. Although various causes are cited, scientists do not entirely agree on exactly what triggers the formation of these clefts.

Bilateral cleft lip and palate poses a unique challenge to the surgeons performing the operation. This is particularly relevant when the premaxilla strays forward from the normal maxilla curvature and protrudes well out of the oral cavity, as well as being distorted in three dimensions. This may result in a nasal airway obstruction (NAO), in addition to providing a poor surgical field for hard palate closure.

In order to establish the best possible surgical field, prevent growth disorders and restore functional nasal breathing, Dr Carsten Matuschek has developed a specific patented treatment method. It involves manipulating the premaxilla horizontally, vertically and in line with the arch to achieve the correct physiological position.

The intervention is generally performed in the first two days of life, which ensures that food intake is maintained. Based on the impression of the newborn's jaw (digital or analogue), a growth simulation and modelling of the surgical procedure are performed using a CAD programme. A PMV Plate® is then created for each treatment section. This ensures directed growth of the premaxilla and vomer.

The PMV Plate® is fitted in outpatients and involves the parents as co-therapists. In general, newborns are provided with eight different PMV plates, which are changed at weekly intervals.

The check-up appointments take place on an outpatient basis, usually at two-week intervals. The total treatment time is two to three months, but this is subject to the individual assessment of the surgeon.

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Primary treatment location:

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Department: Cleft Lip and Palate – Specialist for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Director: Senior Consultant MD Ayse-Gül Schmidt
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin